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Kim Diaz has over 28 years of experience working in Corporate America in the life insurance industry. She found her passion helping others succeed through training and development as well as celebrating achievements through event planning and employee recognition programs.

Training classes and materials were developed by Diaz from concept to completion. She had an intuitive discernment in seeing where there was a gap in employee skill set and she created training modules to bridge the gaps. She partnered with employees at all levels of the organization to foster a culture of learning where employees are encouraged to participate in continuous education and development activities, from entry level to executive management.

Once a curriculum of training modules and materials was established, Diaz trained other leaders in the organization on training and getting the best out of their own teams. Her meetings and events were so effective that people in other areas of the company flocked to find out how they could participate and further develop their own skills. Not only did she train the trainers to meet the needs of the organization but she also led post-training analysis and evaluated the abilities of the trainers.

While being successful in the corporate world, Diaz found herself wanting more. The money was great, but she was looking for an opportunity where she had full autonomy, complete control of her schedule, where income earning had no ceiling and where she could make an exponential impact on people’s lives as opposed to an incremental one. The culture at NAA® is exactly what she was seeking and she joined in 2015 to have fun, make money and make a difference. “The leadership at the Alliance is remarkable and the people, culture and opportunity make this organization unstoppable” Diaz says. “No dream is too big and there is a proven system and incredible support to help you build it.”

Diaz lives in the Chicago area with her husband Joe and their daughter Lexi. They enjoy traveling, movies, boating and snowmobiling.

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